The Seasoning Machine specially designed by Akbaysan Machine also carries a coating machine feature. The system also processes the process as follows; After the products are roasted, they are first transferred to the entrance silos of the sodding machine, the product arriving at the entrance silos are weighed at the same time while traveling on a horizontal conveyor before entering the special production round. In this way, when the product is moving on the weighing band, how much liquid or oil will spray on the product and how much dry sauce or aroma will be given on the product will be calculated automatically by the machine according to the previously determined prescription.

The most sensitive subject in such machines must be easy to clean. Akbaysan SM 1000 model Seasoning Machine is a superior model which has more than one of these characteristics.

The SM 1000 Model Seasoning Machine will allow you to purchase dozens of different products from a raw material for dried nuts such as lunar kernel, ground nuts, kaju, corn, hazelnut, and you will be able to buy more products with more products.

SM 1000 Model Seasoning machine  covers the product  with a thin layer  and thus the product looks brighter.

The most productive and homogeneous product for all kinds of nuts is smoother and smoother now with Akbaysan SM 1000 Seasoning machine.

You will have the opportunity to make a wide range of products from raw materials such as Lunar, Peanut, Hazelnut, Kaju, Pistachio, Corn and Pumpkin Cereal.

Nowadays, these products are offered to sale with the cheapest raw material cost in the snack group. For example, while consuming a lunar kernel, peanut, hazelnut, corn, pumpkin seed, a cheese, salmon or hot pepper makes it possible to reach garlic, chicken, tenderloin aromas both cheaply and practically while consuming peanuts.

Furthermore, while companies can not enter the market with a single product, they can make the sales easier by producing 10-20 different kinds of products with one raw material.