Length……………….:  2,70 m
Width………………..:  1,48 m
Higth…………………:  1,75 m
Electrical Power…:     2 kw
Fuel Type…………..: Diesel / LPG / Natural Gas / Electric


Sunflower Seed


Shelled Peanut 100 Pumpkin Seed


In-shell Peanut




In-shell Pistachio




Shelled Pistachio


Roasted chickpea



AKBAYSAN Machinery is manufacturer of the roasting ovens’ models, which can roast between 50 kg and 6.000 kg product per hour.

AKBAYSAN Roasting Ovens is the most preferred brands both in Turkey and the world for in-shell and shelled dried-nuts such as hazelnut, peanut, sunflower seed, pistachio, almond, cashew, pumpkin seeds and etc..

AKBAYSAN Roasting Ovens provides a homogenous roasting process by stand still the product over the continuous one level wire netting stainless-steel belt (so this feature prevent damaging of the product and enable to transfer the hot air all the surfaces of the product) and transferring the hot air both from down to up and up to down.  Equally roasted product left the oven being same color and homogenously roasted way.  *Because of automatically temperatures of each separate room of the ovens could be controlled independently and belt speed and thickness of the product could be controlled as desired way and level at AKBAYSAN Roasting Ovens, desired roasting recipes and roasting process could be applied easily.

AKBAYSAN Roasting Ovens are manufactured being open to every kind of facilities to carry on the belt and inside cleaning of the oven by workers as comfortable and easy way.



The main difference, which distinguishes AKBAYSAN ovens from their equivalents, is the system at their special combustion chambers, which enables low fuel consumption and % 50 fuels & energy save.

AKBAYSAN machines are manufactured completely from stainless steel materials, so they are not exposed to any corrosion or oxidation at salty atmosphere & humid environments and this enables a long life usage to our machines.

Exhaust gas is completely thrown out from the chimneys and never touch the product, so the product is roasted in a homogeneous atmosphere and loose nothing from its taste.

The product is completely cooled in the cooling room of the oven, which takes place in the oven, so the customer does not need to set a separate place for cooling. And this prevents time and labor cost loss.

Electrical boards; special for AKBAYSAN ovens.



Automatic belt washing system with pressured water

Dry belt cleaning with automatic brush

Alarm sensor for preventing possible accident in case of remains left of the oven’s door

Special Chimneys, counter-pressure preventing device

Automatic lid for setting thickness of the product being automatically

Special burners, little spending and provides % 100 percent performance


Optional / Standart Equipments

Belt Cleaning System

Automatic Washing with Water

Dry Cleaning With Engine

Burner Systems

High Performance and Economical Special Burners

Burning Rooms

By means of specially designed burning room systems, getting % 95 performance and provides %70 fuel saving

Special Software

By means of special software, ovens are open to every kind of connection and integrated work with added machines to the system.


For CS 2500 KF Roasting Oven and higher models

Special Chimney Systems

Safety Door Alarm System

Automatic Product Height Adjusting System

PLC Control System

Operator PLC Control System

Special Gas Pressure Preventing Systems

PLC Operator Control System

Professional PLC Operator Control System

The Belt Enables Highly Heat Transfer

Professional Automation Board Systems

Easily Cleaning Filters

Adjustable Dehumidification Systems